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As our name indicates, we specialise in Dog Incontinence products.  

As well dog incontinence products, we also stock a special design for faecal / bowel / dual dog incontinence.




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This dog incontinence products are answer to all of your dog incontinence issues.


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You may have seen our dog incontinence designs on the Channel 4 Cutting Edge programme on Thursday 20th November.


Thank you to all our customers who provided their fantastic testimonials to the documentary film makers, and for those who participated in the programme - Karen



Washable dog incontinence products ideal for dog incontinence or excitable urination.


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Basic information dog incontinence
Basic information dog incontinence
  • For dog incontinence
  • We supply washable dog incontinence products in all sizes. Re-usable dog incontinence products are ideal for your pet.
  • Dog incontinence commonly called pet wetting, is undesirable.
  • We supply all sizes dog incontinence products that are completely washable and re-usable.